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About Us

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Thank you for visiting our site! We're so happy you decided to stay awhile and learn more about us. It's important to know who you're dealing with when buying online. We're grillers from Eastern North Carolina, where wood-fired whole hog BBQ and vinegar-based sauce reigns supreme. 

After seeing a shift to online and away from showroom sales we decided to launch 

We believe consumers are spending more time educating themselves on products with online research. Because of that change we can offer better pricing, discounts, and service. 

We have a licensed contractor and plumber on staff and if you have any questions about building your dream built-in give us a call. If you're located in Eastern - Raleigh North Carolina we can even quote building your built-in grill for you. Our home office is in Washington, North Carolina and the distribution warehouses are spread across central locations in the US.   

We love grilling as much as you and know the importance of buying a high-quality grill that makes the experience more enjoyable. We also know the annoyance of buying a grill at a major retailer and then the burners rusting through a couple years later. Save yourself the headache and buy a nice grill... We only sell nice high-quality products. We can offer such great service because we know all of the brands we sell have been tested by time. 

Much like grilling a great rack of ribs, buying a grill is a process, and if you need any help, email or call (855) 804-7455